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Author Topic: Mindprint Envoice MKI Users - Please Read . . .  (Read 1448 times)


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Mindprint Envoice MKI Users - Please Read . . .
« on: May 24, 2005, 10:11:54 AM »

I'm looking for opinions from fellow Mindprint Envoice MKI users.

I've bought 3 of these used - the first 2 had serious problems and were
returned & the 3rd is 95% working, but the tube saturation light never
changes from green, to yellow, to red (as it says in the manual it should).

I got in touch with the original owner & he told me he had changed the tube
& it was working fine last time he used it, but that it may have taken a blow
during shipping. I also contacted tech support at Mindprint & was told that
the saturation light functions in conjunction with proper tube functioning - he recommended I replace the tube.

Originally the sound was breaking up badly & was creating a less-than-becoming, scratchy distortion whenever the saturation was set anywhere past 9:00. I replaced the tube & the sound seems to have cleared up a bit - though not so much to relieve my doubts as to weather or not this envoice is working correctly.

I'm still wondering as the saturation light still remains green, despite the saturation level - even with the new tube. I continued my post on the Mindprint forum & posted an audio file of the saturation set to various levels - hoping that someone might compare my sound file with their fully-functioning envoice & tell me if they heard any notable & troublesome differences. I’m not looking for a diagnosis if there is a problem – but simply a sound comparison. Having comparisons & opinions would be a great help
(so I don’t have to go shipping this all over the world only to find out that the light is broken & that the sound is fine)! Confused

I'm most interested in if the envoice sounds the way it ought to & don't care at all about the saturation light functioning correctly - but as it does not function, I'm left wondering if the sound I'm getting is the sound a working envoice is supposed to make! There have been no helpful posts on the Mindprint forum since I posted the file - I was told that my hearing the preamp would prove nothing - I could not disagree more. So, I've left that post hanging & thought I'd come here and post a link to the audio test & ask if anyone who has a MKI might tell me if the sound of the saturation in my unit is quite normal or comparable to their own. I’d appreciate any input on this! Thanks Razz

Here’s the test . . . http://www.personalcomp.net/envtest.mp3
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