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Author Topic: Echo Gina 3G (low budget recording on PC)  (Read 1285 times)


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Echo Gina 3G (low budget recording on PC)
« on: May 01, 2005, 04:41:56 AM »

I bought an Echo Gina 3G and a Shure KSM27 so I could record acoustic and voice directly into my PC, but for some reason the Gina caused all the sounds on my computer to play in slow motion.  I think it might be a hardware conflict.

I'm probably going to buy a Dell XPS anyway, but I'll try to call Echo's tech support on Monday and see if it's possible to get the problem resolved on my PC.  Does anyone have experience with using the Gina 3G?  I'd like to purchase an electric guitar (and some way to record it into the Gina with effects... a pedal? or a mixer?) and maybe a keyboard controller with a virtual instrument.  My friend pointed me to this one http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=EW-164

I've been using Acid Pro to record out of my $20 headset with mic attached, so this is a huge jump for me.  I'd like to record with the electric guitar, then with the virtual instrument I'd record piano, drums, bass guitar, and some other instruments.  It seems like Colossus might be overkill, I'm probably not going to compose any orchestral business, but I want it to sound as good as possible.  I have no experience with keyboard controllers or virtual instruments (VSTi's?) or recording electric guitar into my computer, but I am very interested.

If you want to message me on AIM (Tobuscus is my sn), that'd be fantastic, because I'm finding there is alot to take in about this whole thing, and I've run into many obstacles so far.

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