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Author Topic: A Movie Script Ending....?  (Read 8763 times)


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A Movie Script Ending....?
« on: April 06, 2005, 06:32:57 PM »

First off let me say thanks for your time and posts to come on this forum.  it is honor to have a chance to talk to you.  

i have a question about the song "A Movie Script Ending".  what did you use for a snare drum and the subsquent signal path on this song.   how important was the room mic to getting that sound?  were there any changes between the opening of the song with the snares off and at 1:10 sec where the snare comes back in with the snares on.   i love way this sits in the mix.  and the performance of this song by jason is great.  

this was the first DCFC song i ever heard and it converted me into a fan instantly.  cant wait for the new album.



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Re: A Movie Script Ending....?
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2005, 01:34:02 AM »

I hope I can remember correctly.

First off, the performance is by Mr Michael Schorr, who was our drummer for about two years.  He was pretty attached to an orange sparkle Ludwig Classic, a great sounding kit.  The first bit of the song was done with a Ludwig Clubdate 14" x 5" snare, with a 57 on top.  At the break (the '1' of the cymbal / kick hits), I punched in with another snare; Michael's 14" x 4" DW snare, also with a 57 on top, and an Audio Technica Pro 37 R on the bottom.  The Quad Eight Ventura was the mic pre for both.

I think there were three room mics altogether  ?  a pair of AT 4033s, about five feet in front of the kit, faced away; and a Beyer Dynamic 260 C, somewhere across the room.  I was leaning on room microphones pretty heavily at this point, so they're probably pretty integral to the track.
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