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Author Topic: U67 sounds great  (Read 2292 times)


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U67 sounds great
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:57:32 PM »

The reason why I ask is because it is a little less "chesty" sounding than some of the U67s I've used. 
Very clear midrange that's still lush but more focused albeit maybe less bright than my M49. 

It's funny, this mic reminds me a little of my ELA M 251 because it's got this shimmer thing going on, albeit at a slightly lower frequency than the 251.  I would swear it was an M269.

I know words that try to accurately describe tone are cumbersome at best.  I do love the mic, so I probably would not change it but it's always nice to know.

P.S.: Klaus, thanks for posting about Tom Onofrio. He seems like a great Neumann mic service/repair resource.

And with regard to what I posted, I'm thinking it doesn't even matter, this mic sounds great, everything I'd want in a U67.  Gotta give it up to those vintage Neumanns.
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