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Author Topic: Editing software, editing one instrument  (Read 7117 times)


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Editing software, editing one instrument
« on: January 31, 2010, 04:42:11 PM »


Some time ago, I was helping a friend who are a jazz pianist, he was giving a concert with Michel Donato in the small hall of the St-Denis Theater in Montreal, I was at the sound mixing and light table.

A friend did bring his Dat and a pair of AKG 414 mics for a personal recording, he decide to use the A-B technique, but he was too close to the drum and to far from the piano, we did not have the time to correct his microphones placement.

Now that he listened to his recording, the piano sound too far and the drum sound to much close and the double bass in between, he ask me if I can fix it by raisin the level of the piano. The piano are not at the far left side, so raising the level of the right channel will not work.

I have Cool Edit 96 and GoldWave editing software, I want to raise the level the piano only, do I need another software and which one ?



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