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Author Topic: Mixing question  (Read 2229 times)

a most

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Mixing question
« on: July 13, 2004, 05:17:44 PM »

Maybe this is mixing 101 but I've been curious.

Let's say mandolin's(or any instrument) playing a strong intro and you've got it living at say 2 o'clock for the rest of the tune - do you move it front & center for intros & outros or just leave it. I know that's dependant upon alot of other things. Along the same lines sometimes I'll here an instrument panned to the right yet I'm hearing it somewhat to the left. moreso then when I pan a mono instrument to the right, I don't hear that - it seems like it's sitting to the right pretty much exclusively.
Is what I'm hearing that the instrument was recorded with 2 mics and perhaps one of them is panned to the left - or has a mono mando part been copied & thrown somewhat to the left or just depends or am I'm imagining it. I run into weird phasing things sometimes when I try that.

ps. As an understatement the vocals on "The Trio" are obviously pretty amazing & no doubt the three of them are icons but are any of the chorus' doubled at least? Thanks.


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Re: Mixing question
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2004, 05:39:06 PM »

some people will put a delay on a instrument and pan the delay send (or verb) for that matter to the opposite side. Trying this  may solve your panning at 2 problem for the solo types by making things a bit of a wider "spread" while still keeping it's position in the sound stage in tact.  If that doesn't work, I would maybe automate it in towards the center, but probably not dead center to see if that helps. Try both and if it distracts you, then it probably isn't right.


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Re: Mixing question
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2004, 05:41:58 PM »

Is the Mando on two separate tracks?

If it is, do a 7/5 split and see where it falls. Does it get muddy?

Mixing is an art. It is an exercise in emotional translation and artists intention. For mono instruments, I find the 'place' for it and it stays there for the entire mix. Does this track contain vocals? If so, a 2 or 1:30 position is fine. If not and it is mono, centering it is not a bad idea.

With any mix, the accumulation of parts and how they fit is the tale of the tape. I make judgment calls on the entire song..rather than simple parts when it comes to panning.

I do like to record single instruments with 2 mics, two tracks because I do not listen to any one instrument with one ear...hence depth of field can be obtained in stereo micing of a single instrument and using the faders for panning while at 7/5

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Re: Mixing question
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2004, 07:31:14 PM »

I say....  do it how ever you want.  There are no "panning" rules in mixing that says a solo instrument must be at 12 O'clock.  As a matter of fact, unless it's a vocal, I rarely put any instrument at 12 O'clock.  Put it where you want to.  Listen to an older Van Halen record.  The lead guitar is way off center.

For normal rock-n-roll, jazz, etc (non-electronica), I like to listen to the song, decide on the vibe, and then mentally put together a stage or venue in my head.  Then, I lay the mix out accordingly.  I pan the instruments how I envisioned them on the stage, I set my reverbs, pre-delays, etc to approximate the room I see in my head, etc...  I'd say that's how I mix 90% of the time...  the other 10% I do whatever...  depending on my mood.

There are no rules...

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