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Author Topic: Questions re: converting office building space into rehearsal/studio  (Read 2871 times)

Lincoln McCulloch

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Hi All,
I've been reading through everything I can hear (and everywhere) to get informed about a potential project.

I'm looking at renting a 550sq ft office in a typical office building to convert into a rehearsal space/studio for typical rock bands.

I will need to add as much soundproofing as possible.  I'm not concerned about interior sound treatment or room acoustics at all at this point in terms of sound quality.  I only care about blocking as much sound as possible from leaving the room.

I'll be doing what I can to the existing doors etc but I'm mostly confused about floor/wall concepts since there seem to be so many factors out there (i.e. should I bother with air gap etc).

My second concern is interior space.  Starting at 550sq ft I don't have the ability to have 10" air gaps for a floating room.  

So, is there any point trying to have a 1" gap anywhere?

Anyways, this is what I was thinking at this point as general directions to pursue:

- existing floor is carpet on wood, very boomy.
- I was thinking a floating floor, I can get away with maybe 10" total floor height?  but, my 2 doors open inward so I'll need cutouts into the raised floor (I plan to have inserts to plug them with when the doors are shut
- rubber blocks/pads 1-2", 2x4 floor joist, 3/4" ply (possible double layered but I'm not I can add that much weight), carpeted

- existing doors are solid core metal but need sealing, may add
compression handles, depends on the seal i can get/use
- There would be inner doors as well

- I was thinking to build a floating room off the floating floor, where the studs were on the inside of the room and everything about 1" off the existing walls with some rubber spacers to help the room from leaning
- Use 2x6 for inner ceiling joist (drywall on top and maybe a sheet below), then angle brace the wall studs/ceiling joist for rigidity.
- Walls would likely be double layer drywall.

Overall this is adding up to a lot of weight (2 sheets on walls, 2 layers of ply on the floor etc).

I'm assuming I need to consult with a structural engineer to start then go from there, but overall, am I going in the wrong direction with any of these ideas?  If you can even really tell at this point with this limited info...

Thanks for any help at this point.  I'll definitely have many more questions soon Smile

EDIT:  Oh yeah, I was also thinking to do what I can to keep the playing volume down.  Drummers on headphones, plexi glass them off for deflection, whatever else to encourage lower playing volumes (wouldn't do this for recording, just rehearsal).

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