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Author Topic: The Mixed Logic M24 DAW controller  (Read 7489 times)


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The Mixed Logic M24 DAW controller
« on: September 05, 2008, 11:27:19 AM »

Hi Guys

I thought this might be an interesting piece for some of you. its not commonly known and its a piece of gear i took a chance on that has worked out "pretty" well.

The M24 is a DAW controller that supports most current DAW's. I know for sure it controls and works well with Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, and Reaper. it also DOES support Pro Tools, although i have no experience with it in that regard.

The M24 is a 24 track, all in one DAW controller with the normal faders (alps), pan, mute, solo, transport, job wheel etc controls. however it also has a full compliment of controls for plugins, eq etc

The build of the unit is excellent, it has a metal case and is built like a tank, the knobs are nice and stiff, the faders are about what you would feel on a mackie MCU and the buttons are nice and solid.

the really nice thing about the unit is it comes with a CD that has EXE files for the different daws, you run the CD and it loads up all the mappings for the DAW into the unit. you then can select what you want to use it with thru a menu accessed thru the utility button. once you select the DAW you exit the utility and thats it, its mapped for your DAW.

I have personally used it with SONAR PE 7 and currently with Cubase 4.5.1. I also know that it has been successfully used with Reaper.

The unit has 3 midi in and 3 midi out ports on the back, and a USB port. also a power switch and the power cable port.

the unit can be used with just the USB cable, however i ran into a conflict on my PC this way with the other stuff i have plugged in and ended up using one set of midi cables that then connect to my yamaha N12 for the midi connection via FW to the PC i am using.

i really like having an all in one unit and i like have 24 channels to use. to me, as a home guy, this is the best setup because i can see 24 channels of cubase on my monitor, so it all lines up (use a 24 inch dell x 2 set up)

one last thing i can think of, the support for the unit is stellar, kevin borroman is the person i talk to about the unit, he is very responsive anytime i send a question, usually within a day. if something broke on the unit i can also email him and get a replacement. VERY important to me.

so whats not so hot about the unit?

1) they are not very quick with updates keeping the unit up to speed with all the updates to the DAW's, as a matter of fact i am waiting on a cubase 4 update now and have been for months. since i don't use all of the board or control plugins from it thats no big deal since all the rest of it works fine, however if i were someone looking for up to date and current software for it, thats not happening

2)the website is hopelessly out of date, to me it seems as if the company was all gung ho originally and made the unit and wrote all the stuff for the DAW's and then let it drop.


3) the heads up display is way to small and i hate that its in one little corner of the unit, i want the scribble strips above each track. its hard to read.

4) i wish it wasn't flat, it really needed to be in a angled box, obviously you can put some books or something under the back but you get what i mean, its hard to see the upper knobs and what they say etc

my experience:

i own and use Sonar PE 7, cubase 4.5.1, and Reaper. i currently only use cubase. i have also had an MCU and 2 xt's which this wort of mimics

- i find the build quality, and support for the unit better than the mackies. i find the DAW integration as good and deeper on the plug in side and its all in this one unit so i don't need another mackie C4 for plugins etc. however if they don't start rolling out some updates i think they will lose this edge

- i have also used an alphatrack with my daw's but the one fader thing didn't work for me.

So all in all for 2880 from sweetwater (less than a MCU and 2 xt's)i would give the unit a 7/10

with a few different things like the scrible strip across the top, angled containter and regular updates this would be a 9/10

I hope this is what this forum is looking for?


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