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Author Topic: Mastering Demystified policies - read before posting  (Read 8222 times)


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Mastering Demystified policies - read before posting
« on: January 14, 2011, 01:27:43 PM »

The following are the long-standing policies of Mastering Demystified, please read them carefully before posting.

No 'teaser titles' for thread titles. An example of a 'teaser title' would be something like:
"Check this out!"
"Which would you choose?"
"I did it"
The thread title should be such that the readers will know the topic of the discussion before clicking on the thread.

We've had a rash of folks signing up lately simply to post FS (for sale) or FA (for auction) threads here (which I've been deleting). This isn't a free classifieds section, so unless you're a regular member, don't post anything FS or FA - it will simply be deleted. If you're new here it may be better to PM me before posting your gear for sale - I'm not going to allow folks to sign up just to use this forum to promote their auctions. This affects very few of you, but I figured this *might* slow the "sign up and post an auction" crowd down a bit. Sorry if I'm sounding a bit crotchety, but I can't stand folks who won't slow down to see we're working to build a community h

Also, I continue to disallow anyone from posting under screen names - if a person is unwilling to put his/her first and last name under a post (or as their username or in their profile), it's not worthy for this forum and will be deleted. This is a professional forum, there are many on the internet that will allow all sorts of behavior, but here I expect us to act in a professional manner. Well, most of the time, anyway...

In rare instances where good reason can be given, I will allow a poster to continue posting under his screen name after giving me their real name.

If you are reading this because your message was deleted, feel free to repost it adding your real name to the post or adding it to your sigfile.

Of course, all previous rules are still in effect - no personal attacks, etc. Keep it clean and professional.

If anyone has suggestions to add or wants to discuss these policies further, please reply in this thread.
Brad Blackwood
euphonic masters
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