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Author Topic: Conference Recordings--Overwhelmed with sessions. Need workflow help!  (Read 9394 times)


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    What order should I:

    • Normalize--What level with RMS?
    • Clipped Peak Restoration
    • Clipped Peak Detection
    • What level should I clip the peaks to?
    • Noise Reduction
    • Mix from stereo to Mono--Its voice recording
    • Any other practical steps Im missing for recording speech?

    Thanks for any help people!

    Personally I would take a look at Reaper as it costs nothing to try and very little to buy. It may not be quite as efficient as Sadie but I would much prefer it to Sound Forge.

    For something like a discussion panel I would open up your stereo file and remove any unwanted sections. I would then split it into sections depending upon who is speaking. I would then move the sections onto different tracks - one track for each speaker. The thinking behind this is that different people will speak at different volumes and possibly need different processing on their voices. You may want to add eq and noise reduction on problematic tracks at this stage too.

    I would then use the mixer faders to bring down the louder voices to match the level of the quieter voices. Once all the voices had been roughly matched I would use a compressor on the master output with a long look ahead, a slow-ish attack time to match the look ahead time and a slow release time in order to tame any really loud sections. After the compressor I would add a limiter to catch any other peaks that might slip through and bring the level up to the final level desired.

    The final stage is to render everything out to a single file in the format that you want.

    James Perrett - JRP Music
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