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Author Topic: Jazz Bass pickups  (Read 6964 times)

Jim Williams

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Re: Jazz Bass pickups
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2011, 11:36:23 am »

I use a couple I like quite a bit. One was a custon jobby from Bill Bartolini I waited a year for. It's a stacked humcanceling design that is wound for a 15k hz resonant peak for a really clear acoustic top end.

The other is a Reflex pickup that was made by Trident (the console maker). It's also a lower impedance design with fantastic 20k hz acoustic harmonics. Got those at a blow out at Guitar Center for fifty bucks a pair.

I like clear, clean upper harmonics for bass. Hotter pickups are overwound which places the pickup's resonant peak lower in frequency, too may turns of wire and you get that peaky mid range sound that rips you a new one. The pickups I use are very smooth and flat in the mids so if I want to low pass it to remove some of the upper harmonics, the mids remain smooth.
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