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Author Topic: Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING  (Read 14787 times)

Dave Hecht

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« on: March 03, 2011, 10:40:27 PM »

With our old forum, there were certain more or less unwritten rules, which, for the most part, were followed. There were, however, a few cases of people disregarding the rules, so with the move, we've decided to spell everything out up front in order to maintain a high level of integrity and accountability.

 Anyone posting must use their real name. It can be your screen name, in your signature, or on your profile, but must be included in all posts. Also, your professional affiliation, if any.  Anonymous posts will be deleted. Say what you want (within the confines of the forum's focus), but be accountable for what you say. Opinions, debate, and outright arguments are acceptable, just keep them professional, not personal. Abusive or offensive posts will be deleted. As always tasteless posts will not be deleted, unless they are also abusive or offensive.The mods reserve the right to lock a thread that is in danger of spinning out into a trench war. When people are committed to their positions and all supporting arguments are made, the most productive thing is to move on. We aim for interesting technical discussions with germane facts. Posts that contain invective will be deleted. If beyond that they contain interesting information they may be edited instead.
Occasionally (very rarely), posts may be edited for readability.

 Posts shilling other sites, auctions, items for sale, etc. will be deleted. If you have any items to sell, post them in the marketplace.

  Other than that, feel free to post anything you want of a technical nature. Odds are someone here has seen it, dealt with it, fixed it before.

Dave Hecht
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