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Title: 2 Track Software
Post by: John P. Farrell on January 11, 2015, 04:32:14 pm
Hey guys,

I've been updating my setup and am looking at the final piece of the puzzle.  In the past I've taken my Cubase/Nuendo/PT mixes to Soundforge for editing and CD architect to author and burn.  Since I finally jumped to Windows 8.1 and a 64 Bit platform I need to replace my 5 year old software that I was running on XP.  I am a bit of a Steinberg fan, so Wavelab is certianly going to be considered and Demo'd.  Any real world thoughts between Sony Vs. Steinberg offerings?  Am I missing any other players that should be taken into consideration? 


Title: Re: 2 Track Software
Post by: Fletcher on January 20, 2015, 02:32:38 am
You might consider "Reaper"... which is a free download.  From what I've seen and heard of the program its pretty damn good sounding and seems to do all the stuff the other stuff does.  For the price, its certain worth a "look-see".