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Title: Kurzweil Rumor wordclock question
Post by: nodog on May 04, 2004, 11:49:48 am
hi folks,

i'm trying to beef up my current recording system the cheap way. i'm recording my mixes through an Echo Gina24 and have read several reports that said the Echo will sound a lot better when synced to a decent external word-clock.
my question ... is the Kurzweil Rumor's word-clock considerably better than Echo's?

of course i'd like it for the reverbs too, but i've got plenty of reasonably okay multi-fx and my first choice is to get my recordings to sound better. if the Rumor is not much better in the clock-department i think i'll go for a Lynx1 to accompany my Gina.

normally i'm posting questions in european forums, but because Kurzweil is way overpriced if available at all over here, i have no chance of finding anybody near to try it out.