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Title: Davies & Fogerty - transatlantic twins
Post by: brewsbee on May 31, 2005, 08:33:51 am
Just a thought...

Ray Davies and John Fogerty really are the transatlantic twins.  Each has shouldered the job of transmuting the mythos of his culture -- American and British, respectively -- into the genre of rock.  Each has done so, brilliantly, for decades.

The seminal works of each were released with a month or two of each other in 1969: Village Green Preservation Society and Bayou Country. Astonishingly differently, yet remarkably the same in what they accomplished. Fogerty got the smash hit that time, but Davies' gem has endured at the same level.

Davies has been far more prolific, of course.  But, just when we think John might be done, out comes a song like Deja Vu.  Perfect companion to Fortunate Son.