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Title: Contracts???
Post by: Drew on February 05, 2005, 07:58:59 am
I am in the process of opening my own recording studio in the Washington DC area and was looking to try and find some standard boiler-plate type contracts that I might use when signing on new customers. Does anyone have something that I might be able to utilize? Thanks.
Title: Re: Contracts???
Post by: Barry Hufker on February 05, 2005, 09:13:16 am
I don't believe the majority of studios sign customers to a contract.  I could be wrong about that but in my 30 years as an audio professional the only time I've signed a "letter of agreement" is when the project is very large and I have to make a huge time/money commitment to the project.  I do a lot of location recording and I don't travel anyplace far without a letter of agreement.  Outside of that, I don't make any of my clients sign anything but a check.  I do however make them aware of my policies and rates.

If you are going to charge something other than your rate, such as a percentage of profit from the sale of your clients' recordings, then you would want a contract.  If you search, they can be found on the web.