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Title: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: PP on December 24, 2004, 04:24:13 pm
Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: lucey on December 25, 2004, 12:47:15 pm
Very cool ... I hope that technology rubs off on other areas.

Obviously there is no initiative in America for Alternative-Anything ... so it's up to rest of the western world to lead in this area so i hope others will do their part, as the Brits are doing here.  

The American Govnt is not interested in funding initiatives and the engineer on the street is too busy surviving the heat of an economic competition that gets more intense everyday.

A huge advanced economy is less free than a new huge one (like China's) or a mid-sized stable economy (like Britain's).  Ironic for all the 'freedom talk' out of the Neo Cons.

Freedom leads to responsibility and competition leads to more competition!  Glad to see you all still have your wits about you in this regard.
Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: PP on December 25, 2004, 07:29:35 pm
Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: lucey on December 25, 2004, 10:01:54 pm
Poyser wrote on Sat, 25 December 2004 19:29

Beyond this, the Chinese government is actively looking very seriously into new technologies to solve some of its problems, that could be absolutely pivotal in allowing it to have significant advantages over the long established industries in the west which will increasing labour under growing burdens in the future… Because of the technologies they are tied to....

Anyway, we have recently had a couple of deaths in our family Brian and it’s been a pretty difficult time, though we are all OK…. But you will understand I am trying to avoid serious posts as much as possible……  I would rather make my points with humour anyway…. I feel it’s far more effective…. Perhaps that has been the problem… For some....

Merry Christmas to you Peter and sorry to hear of your loss(es).  My good friend died at 35 two years ago of a painful cancer in the pancreas, a client mom is dying of cancer now, and my fiancee avoided cancer this year!

Yet my brain needs to work on this Christmas Day so here's a view in brief:  The economic structure that we live on will be taking us to another world soon, as the capital investment in China/Asia is usurping a century of suffering and refinement that the advanced economies have worked through, and it's destroying the American vision of 250 years.

Adding insult to injury, China in particular has a horrible human rights record and little respect for the "freedom" our current President wears on his arm as if he invented the concept.

China in particular has an unfair trade chip to play, with it's undervalued currency.

The ballooning US deficit in particular is being bought up by China with treasury notes that will come due some day.

And China in particular not only has the workforce but the lack of environmental laws such that it will run any developed democratic socialism (the system we REALLY have) into the ground.

PLUS the low or no interest Government loans available in China.

Then there's our own American Cancer, Wal Mart, the only retailer that moves the Dow Jones with it's every leap, breath, sneeze and cough ... and Wal Mart is forcing American (and probably all) companies to get things made in China to meet what they call "Price Point Initiatives".  It's sadly ironic to walk through any Wal Mart and see people who would call themselves Patriots, mostly poor to middle class Republicans, and they are voting with their dollars to bring down America and to ship jobs to Asia.

I want to scream out to them "dont you see what you're doing!" but I would be called crazy. The Saloon's Wal Mart Thread

In American politics, the Progressives have become increasingly more 'Supply Side' in the last few decades and as such are now just Republican's Light so they have no vision and no real candidates.

George Soros has a clearly written little handbook called "The Bubble of American Supremacy" which touches on some of this shifting.  And there are others like newsman Lou Dobbs, a career Republican who has been barking about the unfair trade deficit with China and the Asian dilemma for some time.

Profit is perhaps ethical in a vacuum, yet an evolved industry that takes it's technology and it's jobs to the Asian workforce to maximize profit is unethical today.  A teacher of mine you may know once said that morality is the realization of the interconnectedness of all things, and he was right.  

America needs the tax dollars and the personal income and the culture of this industry being farmed out ... and in the Supply Side model this is all just romanticism as we are to find new jobs by going to trade schools!

Sadly I see Asia taking over very soon ... problem being that Asians are terribly uncreative, excellent at duplication and efficiency, yet lacking in the spark of life since the Samurai was banned from Japan in lieu of efficiency and western technology.  

Ironically we're at a real low for valuing creativity, so the time is right for an uncreative, commercial world to emerge ... yet for those of us that value creativity and responsibility to the whole above most things, it's a dark picture.

Then there is the culture of robot lovers and technological idealists!  Oh dont get me started.  I'm not sure if AI or Asia is the greatest threat to freedom and responsibliity!

Surrounding oneself with light is now, probably as always, the only hope for a joyful, creative and responsible life.  To that end I reach out to you and yours ... Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy 2005!
Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: Fibes on December 27, 2004, 12:27:00 pm
Too much on an empty stomach... In this upcoming new year Lunar, solar or otherwise, I will not discuss what is, what was or what is perceived as out of my control. Instead, I will try to force feed culture, creativity and out of the box thought on as many people in subtle or not so subtle ways whilst maintaining hope that the waves will grow and envelop narrow minded viewers. Talking about opening eyes is one thing, getting them open is another.

Ramble over...

Glad the wife is well Brian.

Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: ted nightshade on January 01, 2005, 10:48:57 pm
Fibes wrote on Mon, 27 December 2004 09:27

Glad the wife is well Brian.

I'm glad too!
Title: Re: The Brits are at it again!
Post by: lucey on January 03, 2005, 03:03:28 pm
ted nightshade wrote on Sat, 01 January 2005 22:48

Fibes wrote on Mon, 27 December 2004 09:27

Glad the wife is well Brian.

I'm glad too!

thanks fellas ... it is a happy new year.