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Title: CK12 style Capsules
Post by: Mishro on June 11, 2019, 12:03:26 pm
Can anyone characterize the sound of various CK12 style capsule in relation to each other?

More specifically, Haun, Beesneez, Tim Campbell?

Title: Re: CK12 style Capsules
Post by: klaus on June 12, 2019, 04:18:49 pm
The reason why so far there have not been any responses to your question: it's not easy to use language to describe sensory perceptions, including aural perceptions of microphone capsules.

The first hurdle: unless you install a CK12- type capsule in a genuine AKG mic that was originally designed for the CK12, the variables presented by the processor's response are insurmountable: you cannot get to a base line.

But even if you installed a CK12 copy in an AKG mic originally designed for it: I may be in the minority, but I have not yet found any aftermarket CK12 copies that satisfy me. The capsule is extremely complicated to make, or copy precisely, more so than any other LD capsule I know. So chances are high that not all parameters that contributed to the sound of this capsule can be copied 100%.

Then there is the issue that some manufacturers, like Herbert Haun, were using the original AKG CK12 just as a starting template, to interpret the individual sound they wanted to achieve from there.

But there is no question that an attempt trying to truly "clone" a CK12, i.e. copy precisely,  is very hard to execute, if not entirely elusive.

 I should look again into Tim Campbell's efforts, to see whether I may need to change my opinion.