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Title: k67/870 halves transplant
Post by: afterlifestudios on May 07, 2019, 10:46:42 am
Are the two halves of k67/870 capsules safely separated?
If someone had two k67/870 capsules and liked the front and back sides of "caspule A" better than either side of "capsule B" for cardiod use, would it be theoretically possible to "swap" the back half of "capsule A" with the front half of "capsule B" to attain two more favorable capsules for cardioid use?

(I have never removed the four screws that hold the sandwich together...)

And I suppose that even in cardioid, the rear half of the capsule would have some bearing on the resonance and tone of the front half, so the transplant may not be effective even if it were possible.  But, I'd still like to know!

Title: Re: k67/870 halves transplant
Post by: klaus on May 07, 2019, 02:23:20 pm
If you have two K67 capsules, you can roll the dice for eight different options to get to a cardioid you like best: four front sides using the existing assemblies, and four more with sandwiching new capsules by mixing halves.

But these are theoretical options. You need to consider that disassembling capsule halves is not as easy as unscrewing the four screws you mentioned: there are torque values to consider. Then you have the difficulty of keeping newly exposed inner surfaces uncontaminated, lining up the alignment guides without pinching them during reassembly fo the backplates, and so on...
Older K67/87 also used isolation tape over the exposed backplate surface that needs to be removed without leaving adhesive residue.