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Title: At the glue factory pond
Post by: Dinogi on March 20, 2018, 04:15:58 am
Just sent for a Little Labs STD cable extender and was surprised that it was marked as a Mercenary Edition.
I certainly miss that quirky, wonderful pro audio store that you (Fletcher) and the guys built next to the glue factory pond.
Makes me want pull out my MA T shirt and wear it again for old time sake.
That place forever changed how I buy gear by separating the facts from the hype.
Thank you for that...d
Title: Re: At the glue factory pond
Post by: Fletcher on March 20, 2018, 06:21:04 pm
Thanks... BTW, that is one hell of a cool system!!  My absolute favorite use for it was to take a DI bass into the control room, split the signal, run of the signal to a pre-amp [add compression to taste], and print it... and the other half of the signal through a Little Labs "IBP" [In Between Phase] box, through the "STD" [Signal Transmission Device], and plug it into the bass amp.  From there you can tweeze the phase relationship of the DI & Mic'ed signals and really define the "vowel" of the bass sound so it sits in the mix perfectly -- usually with zero "EQ" [which you pretty much did with the IBP box].