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Title: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: DarbyOhara on January 17, 2016, 08:24:50 am
Sic an tired of the one-sided, strong-arm tactics on gearslutz.  As of today I am completely done with that forum.  You can't state a personal opinion without being ridiculed.  When ridiculed, they'll rifle warnings, delete the responses stating harassment... and as usual, you'll get the middle finger when replying to moderators like psycho-monkey.  Totally disrespectful and mostly ignorant.  I've seen many complaints, but it goes on endlessly, perhaps getting worse.

So I am done with that crap forum.  Of course there will be "the few" that disagree because there are a few really nice folks on there.  Just too hard to weed thru the many idiots and digital-bullies to even try to inspire me to visit anymore.

I like gear.  I like discussing gear.. I like to know opinions on different gear.  But it seems if you're not in the good-ole-boy-club over there... you're opinion means nothing and your character is sh!t.
Title: Re: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: Jim Williams on January 18, 2016, 11:35:55 am
It's no different than rush hour traffic. Sure, there will be plenty of @holes driving a BMW, but occassionally someone lets you in.

The secret is to not engage in road rage on the information super highway.
Title: Re: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: DarbyOhara on January 20, 2016, 04:11:08 am
Well, that would hold true if everything was simple and fair.  It's not and I never realized in the 13 years I was a participating member there, how bad gearslutz was.  I mostly lurked in the many beginning years there.  Because I been involved in producing, recording, mixing since the 70's, I have a little knowledge to share... but as we all know, you'll have your hand full of nasties, and you'll occasionally have your thugs who write like sweethearts, but be-little and defame you... I call them forum thugs!  just because they can, especially since they are anonymous.  Then you also have your youngins... most of them want to learn and try to be kind... but it seems many of them get over 50 posts and they become know-it-all and downright belligerent.  As I said, gearslutz forums do have a lot of really knowledgeable and nice folks, but it is the so many bad ones to weed through, including the thug moderators who only see their side of everything and are sheer disrespectful preeks (one in particular)!  I posted this to see what others on here think.  Perhaps I am alone in thinking all this... maybe, maybe not.
Title: Re: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: jaykadis on January 21, 2016, 01:10:09 pm
I spent maybe a couple of weeks on GS when it started. There are much better places. Life's too short.
Title: Re: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: duskb on February 27, 2016, 10:57:31 am
I praise you for your recognizing it sooner than later. I posted there for the first time in ages about four months ago in open disagreement with JJ Blair on something he said about a gear manufacturer I know well. No sooner did I post a dissenting opinion and I had several character attacks within minutes. All from people I don't even know, and doubtfully know me.

Funny thing is I know JJ from PRW and never would have gotten those sorts of responses from anyone over there. Terry would put the smack down on it. Clearly the guy running GS is a poseur and has little interest in pushing the state of the art, it's his little sandbox to be king.

Think of it this way, the guys from TapeOp managed to become a force in our business (for good IMHO) in a short period of time. During the same period of time GS has earned a reputation of being the tabloid of our business. They both had an equal chance to do something good, one did the other didn't. It seems to me most the folks who really know what's going on don't want to be there and the ones who don't want to be found out for who they really are do. It makes sense to me when you think about it.

Like Jay said, life is too short. One day they'll realize the folly of it all.
Title: Re: Another gearslutz.com suks rant
Post by: Jim Williams on February 27, 2016, 11:46:38 am
"The more people I meet, the fewer people I like" ~ James C Williams

It's called life, it's full of @holes and very nice people. The secret is to engage with the nice folks and ignore the @holes.

You can get pretty good at it if you try.