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Title: Mix down live to 6 track on Zoom H6
Post by: phxbluesman on December 02, 2015, 09:10:25 am
 Trying to decide how to best utilize the 6 tracks on my Zoom H6 (have xlr attachment )to capture live performances to allow best options for post production

Have plenty of routing options from mixing console, 4 sub groups, 6 aux sends, 2 matrix plus I have 10 channel insert taps to get signal from each channel strip insert/ preamp. 

Also Yamaha MPG 32X has recording to USB stick from mains or matrix... can this be combined with tracks from H6 to give 2 more tracks or will matching/syncing be problematic?

In most cases it will my band with drums, bass, guitar, harmonica amp and vocals so that seems easy ..
1: Drums (K, FT & OH1)
2 :Drums (S. RT & OH2)
3: Bass
4: Guitar
5: Harmonica
6: Vocals

Any suggestions on better alternatives here?

There will also be cases where I will be doing multiple band performances with groups as large as an 8 pc horn band:  Drums, Bass, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Keys, Bari Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet and 6 vocals.

This is where I can't decide where to do

Thanks for the "Sound" advice!
Title: Re: Mix down live to 6 track on Zoom H6
Post by: Fletcher on December 02, 2015, 10:28:20 am
If you're using this ins a "live" application, how about taking a stereo feed from the FOH desk [2 channels], hang a pair of "ambience" mics [actually, I'd suggest putting them on the side of the stage looking at the band]... and leaving the last two channels for any additional overdubs you might like to do to enhance what you've captured [and the cool thing is you can bounce the other stuff around and turn it into 48 tracks so long as you keep mixing as you go].