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Title: framing diagram
Post by: Dusk Bennett on December 02, 2008, 01:35:36 pm
I'm putting together a booth and I need some sort of formula or diagram that shows the proper way to frame and install acoustical windows into a booth/CR.

Currently I have two pieces of acoustical glass 32x40 but I'm not sure of the following:

1. What the angle of the glass should be (roughly)
2. What sort of membrane I should set the glass on, if any
3. How big the opening should be for this size and angle
4. How much rock salt will be sufficient for moisture absorbtion between the panes.

Of course a proper framing diagram would help explain alot of this but the books I have looked in do not have any.

Anyways I'd like to help the contractors do the job according to a plan but I need one to begin with. Any ideas?

I've also posted this in the Whatever Works forum in the event that's a more appropriate place to put it.
Title: Re: framing diagram
Post by: C.Cash on December 02, 2008, 02:06:36 pm
check this out;

http://www.saecollege.de/reference_material/audio/pages/Wind ows.htm