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Title: Gefell UM70
Post by: Empty Planet on November 04, 2008, 09:38:45 am
I recently purchased a Gefell MV692/M70 combo and am kind of wowed.  It's my first really fine SDC and the depth on this thing is absolutely fantastic.

So I'm thinking now, naturally, of purchasing a UM70 capsule to go along with it (fortunately the amp I bought seems to be in terrific shape, very low noise, etc.).

Just wondering if I could get some real-world feedback from you learned gentlemen about the UM70.  Its limitations, where it excels.  The clips I've heard seem to present a detailed high end that sounds miles above the mid- and low-level LDCs it's been my sad fate to work with -- just know I'd appreciate an injection of reality.


Title: Re: Gefell UM70
Post by: jensenmann on November 05, 2008, 07:24:17 am
Get it, it´s a no brainer. You won´t regret it. Read about the UMT70 here, it´s basically the same as the MV692+UM70 combo, with improved electronics. I never read or heared any negative reviews about these mikes.
They are a little darker than you´d expect from a LDC but not in the sense that something is missing. Esp. the Midrange is wonderful.