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Title: (2) Ashly PE3800 Pro Amplifiers... NYC
Post by: Jason Joseph on January 17, 2011, 12:45:44 pm
(2) Ashly PE3800 Pro Amplifiers...


PE Series (Protea Enabled) amplifiers are high-power, high-efficiency, lightweight amplifiers incorporating the latest in power and control technologies. Each amplifier can be controlled and monitored through the built-in Ethernet port using Proteane Software™. Proteane gives users access to many features, including: input attenuation, channel mute, channel polarity, input level, output voltage, output current, clipping, temperature, and power on/off. DSP 1 Card allows for EQ, limiters, noise gates, and a slew of other filters found in many popular drive racks stored internally right in the amplifier!!

Power Ratings
* 8 ohms stereo: 1100W
* 4 ohms stereo: 1900W
* 2 ohms stereo: 1500W
* 8 ohms mono bridge: 3800W
* 4 ohms mono bridge: 3000W
* 2 ohms parallel mono: 3800W

Price - $1500 each still under warranty..
Located in NYC shipping is extra..