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Title: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: breathe on June 05, 2004, 05:17:50 am
Hello there.  Any of you folks have any time on a Sony MXP-3000 series console?  What's the word on this beast?  I like the feature set but am afraid of possibly flat and sterile sound.  I would especially appreciate any thoughts from anyone using this board to record rock music.

Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: crispy on June 10, 2004, 05:16:34 pm
I have one of these and I mostly record rock music.
IMHO, it's a good desk. It's very well built, it has a transparent signal path and reasonably musical eq.
It's not as clean as an SSL, or rich as a Neve, or good as EQ as an Amek...but it won't cost nearly as much.
It has Micpre & EQ sub-modules which can be swapped around in different configurations, and a good few companies make high end upgrades that just slot in (no more pres taking up room in the rack). John Hardy makes complete channel and master strips (not cheap.
It outperforms cheaper Ameks, Soundtracs etc. (although I heard Neoteks are pretty good, don't get them around here tho').
I would probably have bought an Amek 2500/2520 at the time, but it wouldn't fit in the old control room! Doubtless would have had more maintenance issues (?).
Depends on your budget, and what is available at the time. I kicked myself after shelling out for mine when only a month later another one came on the market in better condition, but without the plasma metering and automation (which I didn't need),but at
Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: Greg Norman on June 19, 2004, 02:58:48 am
I bought a 15 year old one last year.  I have had only little bits of trouble.  I have the automation but have never used it other than to group faders together,  It s set up so you can optimize its sound and usefulness.  It is completely flexible.  I've got 2 of the Hardy pres (which sound great buy the way), and plan on building my own soon.  Both the mic pre and eq sections are modular.  API makes moduals for that console, Hardy only has the preamp.
The real good news is that the pots and switches are long-lasting quality parts.  You wont be chasing down a mountain of noises, and bad connections (gold throughout).  
The bad news is that there are Sony custom parts that are almost impossible to find.  This would include most of the important op amps.  You can custom make your own replacements if things get too dire.
Here is some good info-
Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: sanstramp on September 08, 2004, 01:00:47 am
hi there,
I bought one probably 5 months ago now and have found positives and negatives. The first thing I did was install the ForssellTech master and monitor module retrofit (Rev2) which has made a big difference in sonic quality and character. Not sure what to expect I was amazed at the immediate benefits of these mods. I strongly recommend these mods to anyone with an mxp particularly as the price is now much more affordable than the initial version. Fred Forssell has also been extremely helpful and the support has been great.
Issues I have with the desk tend to be little things that I find irritating:
no centre (zero) dent on eq gain knobs.
the channel path can't be bussed directly to the 2Mix (if someone knows a way please let me know! i.e you need to go buss it to another channels monitor patch to get it to the 2mix. this annoying if you're wanting to use the little faders (rotary ones) as extra returns.
patchbay could a little more extensive..ie. speaker outputs, micpre
inputs...more stuff...just a bit more like an SSL patchbay... you know what im talking about!

I would also be interested to know if anyone else has used one of these consoles with both the fully parametric EQ module and the parametric with wide/narrow Q switches. Personally I have found the latter a more musical and sweeter sounding eq than the fully parametric. one would think it would be pretty much the same EQ design but the too feel quite different to me anyone else found this?

Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: ironsheik on October 28, 2004, 05:12:41 pm
I've had mine for a year now and love it.  I wish the patchbay had bus outs so I could send a drum kit to outboard gear more easily.  Instead you have to group the tracks first using the AGM mode and then go out of that particular channel/bus.  I'm just not totally used to that setup yet.  It is a very transparent board but the EQs are great.  The pres are quite good as well.  I do mostly rock n roll to analog here.  Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound heard a mix done on the Sony and said he could hardly tell the difference between that and an SSL some other mixes were done on by the same artist.

Anyway, where do I find info on this Forsell master module mod?  How much is it and what is it?  A whole new module?  I would appreciate any info.  Thanks
Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: ribbonmicguy on October 30, 2004, 10:56:17 am
Anyway, where do I find info on this Forsell master module mod? How much is it and what is it? A whole new module? I would appreciate any info. Thanks


U can find it here: http://www.forsselltech.com/

Fred Forssell is a great guy, very helpful and answered my questions patiently.
FWIW, i'm buying a sony 3036 myself and will definitely buy his mods and other products from him!

Harmoko Aguswan
Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: Barry Hufker on February 04, 2005, 12:03:47 pm
Wes Dooley is also a fan of these consoles and stocks parts (/www.wesdooley.com/aea/usedgear.html)

Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: tonymite on March 15, 2007, 07:58:18 pm

I am after automation Power Supply Unit for SONY MXP-3000 3036 - does anyone have one for sale or can anyone direct me the right way ??

Also, is it possible to run audio through the VCA faders without a seperate ( automation ) power supply - ie: by switching the jumpers ??

Taa... Smile)
Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: thedug on August 14, 2007, 10:08:56 am
I have a yahoo group dedicated to the sony mxp 3k series.

Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: satisfactory on December 17, 2007, 01:45:02 am
how old is this thread?  i dunno.  google found it.  i was looking for forsells site to nerd out on mxp for a min.


whoever mention the dif between the semi and fully parametric sony eq.  thats been my experience exactly.  i hate the full para eq.  i hate using it and i hate the way it sounds.  on hte other hand, i am amazed by the semi para.  it is a reliable and useful tool in my opin.  if our 3036 had only semipara eqs i would be elated.

we have 4 of the inductor based eq, which i think sounds good, but is still not as useful as the sony semi in my opin.

also agree re: patchbay flexibility.  total pita.

i think the sony pres sound great tho.  
i think i dont use them enough is what i think.


Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: thedug on September 07, 2008, 11:44:02 am
I like the graphics.

The parametrics are state variable, Tom Graefe from sony designed them and he hatess them. Apparently they never even wanted to make them, but a customer at the demanded it..

The inductor ones are the ones with the switches for freq. selection right?

I like those on over heads.

PS: Have you joined my yahoo group. Lots of folks on it and helpful if something goes wrong, and we have mods, 1 for the parametric that will keep it from oscillating Smile

PPS: Ever come to austin? http://www.stillrecording.com/sale

Title: Re: Sony MXP-3036 users?
Post by: satya on October 28, 2009, 09:43:44 am
Depends on your budget, and what is available at the time. so go for the best.