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Title: Re: Mr. Head Case
Post by: John Ivan on May 30, 2004, 10:24:41 am
WOW! DAMN! I didn't even read the 670 post because I've never had the pleasure of using one. If nothing else, I find Erica's self absorbed rants entertaining and I admit, I have been guilty of beating up on him a little because of what a rude,mean spirited prick he can be. Maybe Fletcher should have a special place for him to make all his "well informed" arguments about how important Lab coats are. He could employ subject lines like," Why It doesn't really matter how things sound" and " Let me tell you about the day I realized I knew everything" It could be fun. I know I'm being a prick but, this guy drives me nuts {I'll bet he loves that}, It's none of my business but, I hope Fletcher lets him hang.