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Title: Pieces Parts for Sale including some very nice one of a kind knobs.
Post by: Thomas W. Bethel on July 19, 2006, 10:55:41 am
In case you are building any mixers or level controls and need a beautiful knob for your project(s) These are one of a kind knobs and are in beautiful condition. They would be just right for a 5.1 controller or a small mixer or level controls. Will split up if needbe.


We have 6 very beautiful knobs up on EBAY     http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29296-2357-0?uid=15158305& site=0&ver=LCA080805&item=320008708916&lk=URL

Also have a Spectra Sonic Model 505 card going up as well     http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29296-2357-0?uid=15158305& site=0&ver=LCA080805&item=320008700628&lk=URL

Also a Rane mono midi controlled equalizer 28 bands 1/3 octave   http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29296-2357-0?uid=15158305& site=0&ver=LCA080805&item=320008786540&lk=URL

and a Symetrix Stereo Digital Processor

  http://cm.ebay.com/cm/ck/1065-29296-2357-0?uid=15158305& site=0&ver=LCA080805&item=320008744920&lk=URL

and we have lots more "stuff" that we are going to be getting rid of.