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Title: U89i Any Gotham Pads?
Post by: hasbeen on June 19, 2012, 03:33:43 PM
After removing all the pads from my U87 and KM86i I got to wondering about 2 old U89i that I have from Gotham. I can't see any obvious ways to switch ohm or any pads as it is quite crowded in there.

Were there any such mods to the Gotham versions of the U89i like the others had?

Title: Re: U89i Any Gotham Pads?
Post by: David Satz on June 20, 2012, 09:00:04 AM
The U 89 was introduced ~15 years later than the original fet 80-series microphones, and its output circuitry differs considerably from theirs. One result is that it is available only in a 150 Ohm version, with no alternative "strapping" arrangement for the secondary winding of its transformer. But no pad resistors are used, unlike the 150 Ohm settings of the earlier fet 80 microphones--by 1980 Mr. Temmer's concerns about overloading the inputs of mixing desks designed for dynamic microphones had probably diminished. So there's no tweaking to be done there.

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