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Title: Advice on recording band wanted!
Post by: Jonas as on July 30, 2004, 04:05:44 PM
 We have just been investing in a lot of new equipment and are now going to start doing our first production on a new location with the new stuff!

So everything is fresh and fantastic, and so i tought; why not do it even more fresh and get some alternative advice on how to best use our equipment for this recording, something to truely throw my set ideas around. It's Kind of a jazz band, but i want it to sound a bit "popish".

So heres a list of the band, aviable microphones, and aviable pre-amps.
Its all going into pro-tools (16 ins) at 96khz.

solve the puzzle!

Drums (1 kick, 2 toms) (in large live room-cinema actually)
Tuba as bass instrument (in same large room, but pretty isolated from drums)
Electric guitar (isolated)
trumpet (Same room as tuba and drums, but pretty isolated)
Female intimate strickt and controlled jazz vocals. Isolated.


1 U87
2 C414
2 Coles 4038
2 SM pro audio MC03 (ADK 47 tube condensers)
1 Beyer M-160
2 MD 421
1 MD 441
1 AKG D12
1 EV RE20
an Soundelux E47 and a couple of KM184's that is on back order and wont arrive in time.

4ch TL Audio 5001
1 ch Chandler TG 2 (with the other channel being dead out of the box)
2ch Universal Audio 2-610
4 ch Vintage design DMP (Neve Clone)
2 Ch telefunken V72
+ some focusrite octopre channels if needed.

Title: Re: Advice on recording band wanted!
Post by: tptman on July 31, 2004, 01:56:36 PM
I would start out like this:

Drums: 2 C414s XY into V72s, 1 AKG; D12 on Kick into 1 ch of Vintage design DMP

Tuba, trumpet: Coles 4038s into Universal Audio 2-610

Electric guitar: 421 into 1 ch of DMP

Female vocals: U87 into Chandler TG 2

That leaves you lots of options for mic pres and mics to swap around for different vocal sounds and different el. guit. sounds.