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Title: Questions About Cable Routing/Interfacing In My Studio
Post by: Christopher Graves on June 13, 2011, 08:01:34 pm
Hello all,

I have a small basement studio that serves as my main recording space.
I run Pro Tools 8 LE, with a 2 channel M-Box on an old Mac G5 that is located in a different space, far from the basement.
I capture the instruments in the basement with a 16 input Yamaha console that I believe to be junk for recording purposes, and then send it from the STEREO OUTPUTS to each channel of my MBox, right & left respectively.

I do not like this setup and would much rather have a large input interface to replace my 2 channel MBox so I can run individual XLR's from the basement to my computer, or to a PRO console that I would eventually buy & locate at my control room...

M-Audio's Profire 2626 Interface has been brought to my attention and I am considering it as a replacement for my Yamaha/MBox A-D converter so I can get a bunch of 'clean' signals into Pro Tools individually, 'uncolored' by the preamp tone of the Yamaha board for example...

Does anyone here use the above referenced interface?...how does it play with Pro Tools?
Can you chime in if you have any advice, suggestions, critiques, etc.? 

I'm starting from scratch and routing/patch bays/etc. are not my strong points, though I am all ears for any recommendations, as I said before.

Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: Questions About Cable Routing/Interfacing In My Studio
Post by: channel29 on July 26, 2011, 11:18:44 am
Hi Christopher, I'm a newbie here myself and not sure if you've had any replies to this yet, but I recently purchased the Profire 2626.  I had been looking at it for a while.  I run it with Pro Tools M-Powered 8.04 and it runs fine but make sure if you are using an external Firewire Hard Drive with your computer (as is recommended with Pro Tools) that you daisy chain the HD into the 2626 first, then 2626 into your computer.  The 2626 has 2 FW ports for this purpose.  I had problems which I found out are common when an external FW HD and the Profire 2626 are both connected independently to 2 different FW ports on the computer.  In terms of quality, I don't have much of a reference point being a home studio enthusiast as well, I have never been exposed to high quality converters or pre-amps, however I am told that the converters and Octane preamps are of pretty good quality.  I have only tracked a few individual instruments so far but will soon put it to work tracking the entire band.  It has a pretty nice internal mixer/router that can be used to setup all kinds of scenarios ie, patching in a couple of hardware devices (which will work better for you with LE than it does for me with M powered which does not have automatic latency compensation) but it takes some repeated reading of the manual to get your head around it.  You can also setup 2 separate headphone mixes and an independent monitor mix pretty quickly, and concievably another mix as well using the eight analogue outs.  I am hoping the octane preamps are good for full band tracking and then I can use a single higher end channel strip for vocals and other overdubs.

Title: Re: Questions About Cable Routing/Interfacing In My Studio
Post by: DougW on August 01, 2011, 06:30:21 pm
The Profire is actually a very decent sounding Pre/converter set up, and I'm convinced you will hear an improvement over your last set up.  The biggest improvement will be that you no longer have to make mixing decisions while you are tracking.  I can not state how big of a difference this can potentially make for your songs since you will have the individual tracks to manipulate.

As far as getting up and running, you will need to upgrade to PT9.  Which means you will need to change your computer.  You could alternatively "down grade" to M-powered Pro Tools, but the 2626 will not work with PT8 if I'm not mistaken.  Pro Tools 9 only runs on Snow Leopard, which is why you would need to make a change on the computer side of things.

Channel29 brings up great points about creating different mixes and headphone mixes and utilizing all 8 outputs, but you will need to make sure you are running the right software before any of this will work.

Title: Re: Questions About Cable Routing/Interfacing In My Studio
Post by: channel29 on August 04, 2011, 12:23:36 pm
Hi Doug, glad to hear some confirmation of the quality of the pres/converters, aside from the sales guy where i bought it lol!  I've heard it is comparable to the Apogee, not sure if thats true.  Just a note on PT8, I'm running PT8 M-powered and the 2626 and it does indeed work, but it will only recognize 18 inputs instead of 26 and I believe you can't go to the highest processing frequeny of 196.  Thats no problem for my needs but some may find it a hindrance.