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Title: For sale: Requisite Audio L2M mkIII mastering compressor / limiter
Post by: 24-96 Mastering on May 10, 2011, 09:21:08 AM
Posting with permission from Brad, probably most insteresting to folks in Europe:

I'm selling my Requisite L2M mastering limiter/compressor.

Some propaganda:
Sounds fantastic, very musical and smooth opto compression with gorgeous sounding tube stage. Sound colour ranges from clean to very colourful, depending on how much limiter feedback you set. More a compressor than a limiter (despite the name) it excels at level riding program material elegantly... no attack / release to worry about - the custom opto cell makes the response, and it does it amazingly well. More on www.requisiteaudio.com , google also finds tons of info and reviews ...

Some details:
- first owner, was bought directly from Danny at Requisite
- in great condition, was used in smoke free mastering studio only
- recently replaced the old opto cells with brand new ones (matched by Danny at Requisite)
- comes with the original (massive) solid state power supply
- unit sells for $5500 list new in the US. Add $680 for the solid state power supply. If you want to import one into the EU, expect an add. $300-400 in shipping and customs (at minimum rate of 3%). That's before any import taxes.

Price: 3300 Euro, shipping from Germany.
(Net price, no taxes. Paypal accepted, but add. fees likely apply. Shipping at buyer's expense)

Please contact me here or via email at [email protected] if interested. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.