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Title: Tributaries cables
Post by: jimmyjazz on June 04, 2009, 10:49:42 AM
I bought some used gear via craigslist, and the seller threw in a bunch of RCA cables made by a company called "Tributaries".  Now, please understand that I am not a "cable guy", in that I pretty much believe that quality components and construction lead to good cables, and that they can be had in a modest price range.  However, these seem quite nice, and I'm inclined to give them a whirl.  (If I don't hear any difference, they might just end up on Ebay, unless they're not worth a plug nickel.)

Can anybody speak to their products?  Here is what I have:

2 channels of A1 silver "twin-core" (my words) audio
3 channels of A2 silver audio
2 channels of A3 standard copper audio
2 channels of V1 silver 75 ohm video

Any thoughts?