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Title: fs: Sonic Studio interface 302 aka: ULN2 2D w/ +DSP & Sonic EQ
Post by: Tim Boyce on January 24, 2011, 06:56:09 PM
with the blessing of Brad ::

   I have a mint (wintergreen style) Sonic 302 interface.

also known as the ULN2.

  The sonic boxes include the 2D upgrade, the +DSP license, Transient Designer, and a 80-bit hardware version of the classic Sonic EQ.

info on the eq:


   Works great, I just need more I/O. I have a ULN8, and this doesn't get the use it deserves. Firewire powerable. I'll include the rack ears if you want to keep it in a rack.

Boutique pre-amps, ultra-high quality conversion. Dedicated front panel monitor controller. Best support in the industry, and 80-bit custom +DSP environment.

asking $2k. .. over $3k new after tax.

Save shipping, pickup in NYC! Pics on request. Any questions, I'm happy to answer and talk shop Smile

Title: Re: fs: Sonic Studio interface 302 aka: ULN2 2D w/ +DSP & Sonic EQ
Post by: Tim Boyce on January 31, 2011, 01:08:51 PM
Reasons why the 302/ULN2 is better than the new LIO's/ULN8's  (or at least why their different).

  - Firewire Powerable. Total location recording. . . or you can edit/process and do Sonic EQ on the flight. in the lobby, on the beach .. pretty much anywhere.

  - Full Analog monitor controller. (not a digitally controlled chip, that makes analog changes). Stepped for recall, (not switched) and is a true 100% analog attenuator.

  - Ability to add transformer Inputs. Can't fit Jensens in the LIO boxes ... this one will accept JT16-A's. (recommended upgrade from the MH Custom Shop, not home-brew).

    Will probably have better luck selling in April than now. (so cometh the tax man)... so I can wait if there's an interested party with an offer. Will probably post to audiogon and GS later in the week. Taking offers from interested ME's first.

[edit] didn't want to bump. [edit]

There are two units on the top page of GS classifieds right now at the ~same price (equally configured) ... but without the Sonic EQ.

http://www.gearslutz.com/board/gearslutz-secondhand-gear-cla ssifieds/576854-fs-metric-halo-uln-2-expanded-dsp.html

http://www.gearslutz.com/board/gearslutz-secondhand-gear-cla ssifieds/576701-fs-metric-halo-uln2-2d-expanded.html

  Would rather it go to a fellow gentleman here (or lady) than a sluut, but time will tell.