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Title: Manley Capsule into Rode NTK?
Post by: Eddie Eagle on March 03, 2021, 01:24:20 PM
I have a Langevin CR3A and a Rode NTK.
From what Manley has said the CR3A has the same capsule as the Manley Reference mic. 6 micron Gold Sputtered 1" wide 1.25" overall.
The NTK is a Gold Sputtered 1" .
Since I'm not an engineer but do come up with creative ideas occasionally...What are some thoughts on replacing the NTK capsule with the Manley?
What differences would be noticeable or expected from a Frankenconversion? Good? Bad? None?
Thanks in advance
Title: Re: Manley Capsule into Rode NTK?
Post by: klaus on March 03, 2021, 03:35:13 PM
I cannot give you any information about the specific sound that would result from the capsule switch. But here are some things to consider:

* Make sure the Manley capsule is of similar acoustic construction as the Røde's. I am not familiar with either of these, whether they are single or double backplate types. But if they differ, you may need to electronically compensate for different high-frequency response (difficult to do on a chipped processor like the Røde's)

* As far as physical fit: measure the inside diameter of your Røde capsule mount. It needs to be big enough to accommodate the outer diameter of the Manley capsule.

* Evaluate the financial implications before you buy the Manley capsule: Frankensteins by definition have a lower customer demand, so selling this mic at a reasonable price or at least without too much of a financial loss may be hard.
Title: Re: Manley Capsule into Rode NTK?
Post by: Eddie Eagle on March 03, 2021, 08:13:42 PM
Thanks for that info. I was thinking of cannibalizing the Langevin (Manley) capsule and putting it in the Rode. I have had the Rode for quite a while and money doesn't play into my scheme since the cost is minimal with the possible exception of labor that might be costly. The Rode sells new for @$530 and the Langevin is a hard mic to find these days. So, maybe I could sell it for a good price since it's a rarity...?

I have no idea about the physical fit and construction of both capsules other than they are both 1"diaphrams.

Hence, I thought someone here may have insight on any of the intricacies of swapping capsules.  I don't have any firm plan to do it but the idea of experimenting with them piques my interest. Michel Joly has retired from his modding business and Shannon at Mic Rehab is currently not working his shop because of some difficulties. So I'm not sure who would want to work on a project like this.