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Title: that window dividing rooms?
Post by: trock on August 23, 2008, 07:31:34 AM
A friend is in the process of building a small studio in the basement of his house, rough measurements are

12.5w x 10h x 22L in the mix room

he has a smaller vocal/tracking room onthe other side about

12.5w x 10h x 7.5L

and there is a wall thru them like a real studio would have, the question we have is about the window in between

is there any size that would work best for this ? we were thinking 4x3

also is there a certain thickness that is better??

thanks for any help
Title: Re: that window dividing rooms?
Post by: jimmyjazz on August 24, 2008, 11:08:38 AM
4x3 is roughly the size of the window I had between the control & tracking room in my old studio.  I rarely wished it was any bigger.  I used 2 panes of automotive windshield glass separated by several inches, with the control room pane angled towards the tracking room pane (maybe 6 inches of separation at the bottom and 3 inches at the top).  

Windshield glass is a sandwich consisting of 2 thin panes separated by a clear plastic sheet.  I used it on a hunch, but it seemed to work very well.  I never measured the attenuation, but it was pretty high.  Once you closed the single steel door between the 2 rooms, you could easily hold a pleasant conversation even with a loud rock band playing in the tracking room.  As you would expect, most of what got through was in the lowest octave or two.
Title: Re: that window dividing rooms?
Post by: C.Cash on August 25, 2008, 03:37:17 PM
I used 2 panes, 1/2 glass and 3/8 laminated glass. One I mounted straight and the other at an angle.Sealed with silicone. Works very well. Don't forget depending on your climate to put some silica inside the frame to help stop moisture forming inside when you turn on and off the A/C.