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 on: Today at 12:42:24 PM 
Started by afaxqovalina - Last post by afaxqovalina
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 on: Today at 12:32:41 PM 
Started by JohnFoy - Last post by JohnFoy
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 on: Today at 11:16:30 AM 
Started by maxderson - Last post by maxderson
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 on: Today at 11:09:23 AM 
Started by kdueck - Last post by kdueck
In the meantime, however, I have received the socket for the EF86 from Gefell, which is already pre-wired. I noticed that, unlike in Oliver's circuit, Grid3 does not go to the anode together with G2, but G3 goes to the cathode together with the shield. G2 is connected to anode. Both variants are probably possible, which would be the more recommendable for the UM92?

 on: Today at 10:59:08 AM 
Started by kdueck - Last post by kdueck
...and the other side with the EC92

 on: Today at 10:45:51 AM 
Started by kdueck - Last post by kdueck
So, the modification is finished and definitely sounds better. A note on the previously attached drawing: This is from the UM75 mod. Apart from the pin assignment of the connector and the tube, it is identical to that of the UM92.1 mod. However, the original power supply is less suitable in terms of voltage. Without adaptation, B+ has 125V and the voltage for the patterns is 77V for cardioid and 155V for figure eight. In order to achieve the desired B+120V and the pattern V of 60 or 120V, the R6 (3.3k) must be replaced by a 6K. However, the voltage only stabilizes after approx. 30 minutes and is then between 120-121V. If the 20k resistor in front of it is replaced by a 39k and the 3.3k remains, the voltage seems to be more stable.
To get the pattern voltage to 60V, I had to place a 120k resistor in front of the voltage divider on the pattern switch board and cut the circuit board track.
Now I have the desired values, but whether this is technically ideal is up to you professionals to decide.

 on: Today at 10:10:23 AM 
Started by klaus - Last post by König von Smichoff
Hi Klaus, what do you think about the first U67 reissue from 1992?

 on: Today at 09:58:04 AM 
Started by ewuujum - Last post by ewuujum
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 on: Today at 05:36:00 AM 
Started by Sonasrec - Last post by Sonasrec
Thank you Kai,

That clears up a long term mystery for me  :)

 on: Today at 02:54:48 AM 
Started by Sonasrec - Last post by Kai
This is exactly what you assumed:
A not too bad, but not too great amateur mod.

Epoxy instead of Pertinax circuit board material, and some metal film resitors used, point to much more contemporary than the original.
Some other parts look like old, but not from the C-28 era.

Tinning the board traces is unusual these days, and is obviously executed by hand.
Not too good an idea in the high impedance part (FET etc.) of the mic BTW.
Can make the mic humidity sensitive.

From the looks there’s no way to judge whether the BF245C FET was properly biased, or how the mic sounds.

The transformer at least is NOT suited for the purpose, it’s made for 300 to 3000 Hz band-limited 600:600 Ohm telephone lines, see the datasheet:

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