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Title: Entertainment Technology Marquee 128 Lighting Console
Post by: Scott Hofmann on February 06, 2011, 11:16:22 AM
Entertainment Technology Marquee 128 lighting console complete with processor/keyboard unit, power supplies, cables, ONE Littlite (two are pictured), and custom fitted ATA-type road case all in excellent condition. Version 3.4.8  software, upgradable to Version 4.0.23 (released  3/5/10); For specifications and downloadable software, and also hardware and installation manuals see www.etdimming.com. Full conventional and moving light LTP tracking memory system with 128 channels/1024 DMX outputs (software upgradable to 32,768 channels). Integrated trackpad and level wheel;  four USB ports and one ethernet (Pathport compatible) port. Embedded Windows XP system also contains Notepad,  Internet Explorer, and MS Media Player. Two cue lists, unlimited fades, cues, groups, macros, submasters. Moving light fixture library and palettes. Hardware upgradable by adding encoder panel, fader panels, and button panels. Standard VGA output, monitor not included. Manual faders configurable as a 24-channel two-scene preset, 48-channel single scene preset, or 48 submasters; two timed fader pairs. Approx. 125 pounds shipping weight in road case. $2200 plus shipping.