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Title: Mixing <--> Mastering, different heads
Post by: bblackwood on April 10, 2011, 09:01:17 PM
Originally Posted By: Viitalahde on Fri, 04 February 2011

Sometimes it's interesting to read what the mixing engineer recommends to do in the mastering.

"I experimented a little and looks like some dynamic EQ around this part, multiband compression here and X dB's of EQ there, there, there and there sounds pretty good"
Very often I react to this with sheer terror, especially when the mixes sound great and really only need a tad of top end and some gain. Sometimes, as I compare the master to the mix (level matched), I find out it doesn't really sound too different to the mix and wonder if it will come back, asking for more of everything. Usually it doesn't.

It's understandable though. In the mixing world you need to do big moves for small improvements, and vice versa for mastering.

I've got to say I have the ultimate respect for the tracking/mixing engineers. Sometimes you just need to sit down and wonder how the hell did they manage to put all that stuff in there, and it still sounds great.

Quite different from our souped-up tone controls.

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