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Title: Plextor 8/2/20 to give away
Post by: slothus on March 16, 2011, 09:49:21 pm
Hi all,
I have a Plextor 8/2/20 scsi burner and scsi card about to be thrown out if anyone wants it for the cost of shipping. Same as the 8/20 but with rewrite capability. Maybe it is useful to someone with an old Sonic rig or whatnot.

Does 1x-8x. Worked perfectly when I used it last 2 or so years ago and only ever got light use burning production masters way back when. Crosschecking burns with Plextools always showed suitably low BLER. Was originally purchased from Plextor as a refurb around 2000 from memory. Very much as-is though.

Shoot me a pm if you want it.

Brent Punshon