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Title: Should I change my audio card RME Digi96PST? If so to What?
Post by: rcschulz on October 18, 2004, 12:23:07 AM
I am wanting to improve my audio chain...I am new to the forum but have been searching archives for the past months...I still need some help....I presently have RME Digi96PST with AEB for 8 analog in's....I want better converters, but not sure if I should change my audio card...I am looking at maybe going with Apogee or Lavry converters.....Is my audio card sufficient?.....I want the best possible chain....I am already looking at better mic preamps such as API, Neve, etc.....At this point I am mixing in the box with Samplitude.....please HELP...what audio card showed I go with......thanks to all