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Title: Wavelab 8.5.3 problems
Post by: Thomas W. Bethel on September 20, 2015, 08:48:44 AM
I have been having all kind of problems with WL 8.5.3. The program freezes, crashes and stops while just playing back a simple 44.2/16 bit file. Not good. I thought it might be my 5 year old computer so I went out and built a state of the art computer with 16 gigs of memory and two SSD drives but the same things are happening to the program. It gets worse when using plugins from different manufactures including FAB filters and Izotope. It has been suggested that maybe it is my sound card (RME 9632) but all the other DAWs on my computer are stable and work well. These include Audition, Sound Forge, Samplitude and even Adobe Premier Pro. I am getting to my wits end. The last "stable" version of WL for me was WL6 running on Windows XP. I have posted this information in other forums and have gotten a lot of helpful advice but the problems still remain.

Any suggestions from this professional group of mastering engineers?

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Wavelab 8.5.3 problems
Post by: ArtSta on September 20, 2015, 10:11:45 AM

I would try that:
1) install 64bit software to run in 64bit W7 (if there's 64bit 9632 driver)
2) install 32bit W7 in order to run 32bit software
3) finally install XP with WL6 if above fails and if it was the most stable configuration

Don't fall into a trap with suggestions that everything is wrong but not the single software you're experiencing issues with, as it can be quite costly and does not guarantee any success.
RMEs are one of the best thought-out designs, including drivers.

Title: Re: Wavelab 8.5.3 problems
Post by: Thomas W. Bethel on September 24, 2015, 07:40:46 AM
I may have found one problem. When you first install the RME card Windows 7 goes on the internet to find a driver. Turns out that driver is not the same as the one currently on the RME site so I downloaded that driver and got rid of the driver that Windows 7 put on. We will see if it makes any difference.