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Title: Oktava MKL-100 Tube Condenser Microphone Large Diaphragm /w Power supply +Canare
Post by: Lama876 on April 16, 2016, 10:10:11 pm
Up for sale is an Oktava MKL-100 Tube Condenser Large Diaphragm Microphone

Great tube microphone - almost new, just a few hours of studio use, so the tube is fresh

Top of the line Tube Condenser Large Diaphragm model of Oktava's past years
 (capsule is the same highest quality type that is used in current production MKL-4000 and MKL-5000 models)
Nothing like the low-end cheaper capsules used in MKL-2500 and MKL-3000

Check the frequency response plot

Measured Sensitivity is 14mv\pa

Lot includes:

MKL-100 microphone
Original Power supply (220-240V) - can be rewired for 110-120V or just use a quality step up transformer
Power Cord (EU plug)
5m Canare L-4E6S (with Neutrik connectors) microphone cable upgrade
Microphone Mount
Microphone body case
Two factory booklets with measured characteristics of this particular unit - one for power supply and another for the capsule \ mic itself

Asking 300$ - would accept paypal

Will be professionally packed

International Shipping is fast Airmail with tracking number (50$)

Here is my ebay account: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262382317973