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Title: Stolen Microphones
Post by: Klaus Heyne on March 13, 2006, 06:41:21 PM
We had 3 mics stolen this weekend from White Recital Hall at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Details:

1 Neumann USM691, matte finish (black), serial # 1752
2 Schoeps CMC-6Ug, Nextel finish, serial #s 21629 and 21630
2 Schoeps MK2s Omni capsules

Please keep your eyes peeled in case these show up on the used market at some point. Also missing is a pair of Mackie SRM450s, but the fuckers can keep those.


Bob Beck
Robert Beck
Chief Audio Engineer
Conservatory Recording
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Title: AKG C24, ELA M 251, etc.
Post by: Klaus Heyne on April 23, 2006, 04:00:28 AM
Next come some stolen mics from EASTWEST Recording Studios, formerly Cello studios:

AKG C24 - serial #801
Telefunken Elam 251-E
AKG 414 - serial #2241

The first 2 items are mic only, the thief left the power supply.

If anyone knows anything about this please contact the studio 323-467-1066.

- Doug Rogers/EastWest Studios, April 23,2006
Title: Crowley & Tripp Ribbon #128
Post by: Klaus Heyne on May 16, 2006, 03:57:07 PM
A Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphone
Serial number 128, in vertical storage case with mount
was stolen in Van Nuys California on March 11, 2006.

Please keep an eye out for that number.

We greatly appreciate sending this info out.


Bob Crowley
Crowley and Tripp Mics, Ashland, MA USA
508 231 4515

Title: Two U87
Post by: Klaus Heyne on June 16, 2006, 09:27:08 PM
We lost two U87 mics to theft.

Serial numbers are 50475 and 50477.

Anyone seeing these for sale or in a facility, please contact ron_harris@westwoodone.com.

Much appreciated!
Title: M50 #278 w/ M249 housing
Post by: Klaus Heyne on November 23, 2006, 04:18:56 PM
I am currently managing the microphone collection belonging to the late David Smith, former VP of Engineering at Sony Music Studios. In January of this 2006, David rented a Neumann M50 (Serial #278) to an opera singer in NY, who promptly disappeared with the mic. Our lawyer has been unable to lasso her and get the mic back. I assume that, like the other M50's in David's collection, the ID plate on this mic probably says M249bc. If you have any info on this mic, please contact: ronsweet@solidsol.com

Thanks very much,

Ron Sweet
Title: Re: M50 #278 w/ M249 housing
Post by: Klaus Heyne on November 27, 2007, 08:33:23 PM
The following mics were stolen over the Thanksgiving Holidays, 2007, from the University of Illinois, Urbana:

M-249c         serial no  216  ---  KH mod no   0983

M-249bc      serial no  367  --- KH mod no   0984

M-249bc       serial no  369  --- KH mod no   0985

M250      serial no  566  --- KH mod no   0996

M250      serial no  565  --- KH mod no   0995

M250       serial no  564  --- KH mod no   0994

SM69 tube            serial no 1414  --- KH mod no   0976

2 TLM-170, SN #1984, 1992

2 KM-84, SN #13974, 13975, 13976, 13581

2 KM-88 SN #11861, 11862

2 C460

1 D112

3 MKH-20 SN #P481, P482…
2 MKH-40 SN #23061, 23062
6 MD-421
4 MD-441

6 KSM-32
4 KSM-44
6 SM-58
2 Beta-58

2 RE-15 SN #730704, 779563
2 RE-20

Other microphones:
2 Beyer M-88
3 Crown PZM
Sony ECM-50 lavalier microphone SN #779915
Audio-Technica AT8055 lavalier microphone

Thanks for your help with this.  We appreciate anything that can be done to help recover our stolen microphones.
Rex Anderson
Director, Audio Services Department
University of Illinois
School of Music
2136 Music Building
1114 W. Nevada
Urbana, IL  61801

You can also contact:
The University of Illinois Police Department at 217.333.1216 (non-emergency phone), or the Champaign Illinois Police Department at 217.351.4545

Title: Re: Stolen Microphones
Post by: Rumi11 on October 08, 2008, 11:56:03 AM
Between Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd of Ocotober, the following microphones were stolen out of the Pilgrim Studio, located in Zurich, Switzerland:

AKG C 414 TL II, serial number 45151, in original cas, including clamp and wind shield

Neumann TLM 170 in original wooden box

Neumann TLM 193 in original wooden box

2 Neumann CMV 563 tube mics with M55k capsules, green-ish grey and blue-ish grey, in grey box, without power supply, ser. no's: 3709 and 5970

2 Neumann CMV 563, black with round Neumann Logo (very rare), modified by Andreas Grosser (better Tubes, better Transformators), with M55kS capsules (they have a different drilling pattern, less high end boost, only around 10 were ever built), in black box with golden Neumann logo, without power supply

Neumann UM 57, in grey box, without power supply. Ser. No. 5414

2 Mikrotechnik Gefell / RFT MV 691, serial numbers 5621 and 10658, in grey boxes, no capsules, no power supply

2 Sennheiser MKH 405, T-powered, no case, no power supply

Echolette (AKG) D 12, serial number 49717

2 Sennheiser MD 441, serial numbernumbers 026341 or 026533 or 026535 - I once had three, sold one, but did not blank the number on the list - but the two stolen have small Tuchel connectors, while the sold one had an adaptor to XLR mounted on it.

Sennheiser MD 427, serial number 10190

Audis dynamic microphone, white

Shure SM 57

3 cheapo dynamic mics

and 4 cheap carbon microphones,  two black ones with different forms, and two identical white ones.

There were instruments stolen as well, like a custom Lakewood A-32 guitar (12th fret, wide fingerboard, slotted mechanics) and other things.

For a full list and pictures see www.pilgrimstudio.ch/Diebstahl.htm
Any information is highly appreciated! Please contact Ren
Title: Re: Stolen Microphones
Post by: Neelan on November 05, 2009, 03:23:03 AM
Hi All,

Following is a list of Mics that were stolen from Bop Recording Studios in South Africa between 2004 - 2006.

AKG The Tube   992
AKG C 28   1761/57156
AKG C 28   1791
AKG C414    09852
AKG C414    09313
AKG C414    09702
AKG C414    12285
AKG C414    17451
AKG C414    18279
AKG C414    20489
AKG C414    1970
AKG C414    9508
AKG C460    22237
AKG C460    22792
AKG C460    22961
AKG C460    23170
AKG C460    23584
AKG C460    23434
AKG C460    19569
AKG C460    19789
AKG C460    19560
AKG C426 Stereo   339
AKG/Phillips C12 Microphone (Vintage)   1199
AKG/Phillips C12 Microphone (Vintage)   1007
Beyer Dynamic M740N   016514
Beyer Dynamic M740N   016894
Beyer Dynamic M201N   050920
Beyer Dynamic M201N   050797
Bruel & Kjaer 4007   1499081
Bruel & Kjaer 4007   1499118
Bruel & Kjaer 4007   1023508
Bruel & Kjaer 4007   1499079
Bruel & Kjaer 4011   1415819
Bruel & Kjaer 4011   1462687
Bruel & Kjaer 4011   1462566
Bruel & Kjaer 4011   1462686
Manley CR3-A VTL   56
Manley CR3-A VTL   91-004
Manley CR3-A VTL   91-006
Manley CR3-A VTL   91-071
Manley CR3-A VTL   91-031
Manley Baby   
Manley Baby   
Manley Baby   
Manley Baby   
Manley Baby   
Manley Baby   
Manley Reference (The Red)   126 Without power supply
Manley Reference (The Red)   128 Without power supply
Manley Reference (The Red)   130 Without power supply
Manley Reference (The Red)   127 Without power supply
Manley Reference (The Red)   129 Without power supply
Manley Reference (The Red)   025 Without power supply
Manley Gold Mono   018
Neumann U89i   10259
Neumann U89i   10260
Neumann U89i   10261
Neumann U89i   10262
Neumann U89i   10263
Neumann U89i   10267
Neumann SM69 Stereo (Vintage)   1380
Neumann Sm2   1212
Neumann TLM 170   4935
Neumann TLM 170   4936
Neumann TLM 170   4937
Neumann TLM 170   4938
Neumann TLM 170   4939
Neumann TLM 170   4940
Neumann TLM 170   4989
Neumann U67   388 without power supply
Neumann U67   386
Neumann U87   57464
Schoeps CMC 5    21473
Schoeps CMC 5    21474
Schoeps CMC 5    21475
Schoeps CMC 5    21476
Schoeps CMC 5    19655
Schoeps CMC 5    19658
Schoeps CMC 5    19657
Senheisser MKH40   10840
Senheisser MKH40   10841
Senheisser MKH40   14560
Senheisser MKH40   14561
Senheisser MKH40   14562
Senheisser MKH40   14563
Senheisser MKH40   14564
Senheisser MKH40   14565
Senheisser MKH40   13882
Senheisser MKH40   13881
Sankem CU41   2127
Sankem CU41   2128
Sankem CU31   3952
Sankem CU 31   3948
Sankem CU 44x   1285
Sankem CU44X   1286
Sony C48   4876
Sony C57   1089
Telefunken M221B With 934B Capsule   2567
Telefunken M221B With 934B Capsule   2580
Telefunken M221B With 934B Capsule   2590
Telefunken M221B With 934B Capsule   2834

All the above mics were stolen without their original cases and packaging.

The Manley mics have all hand written serial numbers and the VTL CR3-A.

Should anyone come across any of these mics, please contact me on my e-mail being: nparshotam@gmail.com or call me on + 27 721284399.

Or alternatively would like to know as to whom was selling these mics.

Neelan Parshotam
Chief Sound Engineer
Bop Recording Studios
Title: Re: Stolen Microphones
Post by: Klaus Heyne on August 16, 2010, 01:18:15 PM
In April of 1986, while I was rebuilding my house after a fire, 10 microphones were stolen from my property in Malibu, California.

These microphones were all Neumann TLM170 - Jubilee Edition sold by Gotham Audio; there were only 100 made and they are quite distinctive from other TLM170's in that they all have a mirror chrome finish.

I still own 11 of these microphones and would love to restore my collection, even if only in part. The stolen mics are:

Neumann TLM170 - Jubilee (mirror chrome finish) serial numbers:


Please contact Dan Wallin
(310) 993-6420
Title: Re: Stolen Microphones
Post by: tomtech on February 16, 2011, 05:52:46 PM
On February 11, 2011, a Sony C800G microphone, cable, and power supply were stolen from Paramount Recording Studios. The serial number of the microphone is 100078 and the power supply (model AC-MC800G PSU) is 100051.

If anyone has any information bout the whereabouts of this mic, please contact Paramount Recording, 323-465-4000

Thank you,
Tom Doty
Chief Engineer