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Post by: "E" on February 10, 2010, 11:28:52 PM
I'm looking to purchase a studiomaster classic mixdown Mixer which is going for $600 and the mixer is in mint condition(the 95-96 manufactured version with full meter bridge) I'm actually driving up to the guys studio to check it out and all it has been regularly maintenanced and only is missing 1 mixer fader cap which i found on Rapid for 0.10 per 100. I'm attempting to find out any info on if anyone has had any experience with this board and its quality. I record hip hop, gospel, pop, progressive rock and country bluegrass and want to know if it will be a good addition to my studio now( Mac G5 duo core 2.6 ghz/PC 2.2 ghz duo core/ profire 2626 with digimax lt for a total of 18 channels into protools 8 with a presonus studio channel class A tube preamp) Any tips or opinions are welcome, I supposed to be driving up like next week so replies will be greatly appreciated. I have a pic enclosed of the board.index.php/fa/14294/0/
Post by: James Perrett on March 18, 2010, 09:26:05 AM
I know that I'm a bit late but I've only just seen your post.

I have the earlier version of the Mixdown and it isn't a bad desk considering the price. It has a few little foibles compared to more modern desks but none of these are show stoppers. The EQ is interesting - only 3 bands with a fixed HF frequency and sweepable mid and low frequencies. I've mainly used it with analogue recorders and noise was never a problem.

With any mixer of this age you need to check all the pots and switches - I found that the dual gang pots used in the EQ section had a shorter lifespan than the single pots used elsewhere.

The XLR outs are also wired a little strangely although I always used the jack outputs. None of the outputs are balanced and neither are the tape inputs. The line inputs are balanced though.

Let me know if you have any other queries - there is a service manual floating around the net.


Post by: "E" on May 13, 2010, 09:56:00 PM
Hey james i did get the console and its awesome man just figuring out to route everything so that it works best for me. Can't really tell if the preamps on the board are in fact just as good as the preamps on my presonus class A mic pre. just trying to figure out if i should get the capacitors and the resistors modded in order to go from the standard -10 to +4 on the direct outs to my interface?