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Title: For those with passive monitor attenuators..
Post by: bblackwood on April 10, 2011, 09:46:22 PM
Originally Posted by: Viitalahde on Sat, 07 March 2009

What are you using?
There will be a 3rd and final console I'm about to build. I want to improve the mechanical quality by going from Elma switches to the great, sturdy Russian switches I've been using lately.

But most of all I want a bridged-T attenuator. Right now I have a 5k L-pad attenuator, 23x 2dB steps + dim. The new one will be built on a Shallco. I reckon something like 2k5 would be a place to start with Z values.
Since this is going get into general console discussion anyway, let me ask one more thing:
How many of you are using something more extended as a "console" than a monitor volume controller?
I switched to the current console about two years ago, and I personally love having all the bypasses at one single place. The amount of cable is for sure larger with all these sends & returns, but it's not often I have everything patched-in.
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