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Title: Audio Precison's new mic test amp
Post by: Jim Williams on June 01, 2016, 11:07:02 am
AP, Audio Precison has announced a new power amp testing box, the APx1701. It has connections for power amps, unbalanced measurement mics and balanced +48 volt phantom mics. Add current sense resistors for impedance measurements.

The amp has +20 db fixed gain with DC to 100k hz bandwidth. + - .08 db at 10~20k hz, an S/N ratio of 134 db and residual THD+noise of -106 db.

It is designed for residual level measurements of high end condenser mics. Added to the AP2600 analyzers, a deeper level of microphone measurements is now possible with ease.

I expect the higher end manufacturers like Sennheiser to purchase these to compliment their AP 2600x analyzers. Anyone doing deep level testing or evaluation of condenser mics also should consider obtaining one of these.