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What Kind Of C12-Clone Am I Buying?

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Hi guys, can you provide any information on this mic, the body shell had no AKG Logo on it, but everything internally looks to be original. The T14/1 is there, the cable set and power supply is all AKG original, just not exactly sure,probably a Wunder if I'm to guess.
Ken Gold

Looks to me it resembles a Pape C12 clone, though not entirely.

There are several threads about this mic in the old mic lab, and with the patience of a few days, you will be able to read all the details about that German-made C12 copy there.

J.J. Blair:
Klaus, did Pape's have T14/1s?  I have only seen them with Henry style transformers.

Loads of info on the Pape clones, thanks . A few more shots of the mic, if that helps


--- Quote from: J.J. Blair on February 27, 2011, 04:49:55 PM ---Klaus, did Pape's have T14/1s?  I have only seen them with Henry style transformers.

--- End quote ---

I worked on most of the ones that were imported to the U.S. and many did indeed have non-T14/1 transformers (they were 5743, as used in "The Tube") Yet, some early ones did have genuine Haufe-made T14/1.

If there were a shot of the housing tube, things would be more clear what this actually is. But I see many parts that were used in original C12: coupling cap, several resistors, capacitors... A close -up of the capsule would also be telling (Pape never used clear-backplate CK12, only the Golden Gate C414 versions, so the capsule is another item that makes the mic's provenance still a bit mysterious.)


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