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product that removes phantom power?


As I only have three ribbon mics, it seems silly to construct XLR patchbays for my mics just to avoid zapping my ribbons with phantom power.  Is there a product which filters out phantom power from a mic pre where the phantom power is not switchable (like the preamps on the MCI 416A mixer)?


There are two... one is a transformer, [which will most likely reside in the body of your microphone - the other is capacitors [you'll need two, one for the connection to "pin 2" and one for the connection to "pin 3".

If what you're worried about is the uneven application of phantom power when using a TRS patch cable, nothing can stop that - except connecting the microphone after you've made the patch on the patchbay.

The TRS patching of mic lines with phantom on them is equally destructive to dynamic microphones as it is to ribbon microphones... and frankly condenser microphone are also bothered by the brief hit of unequal phantom power.

It is best to connect your mics after you've made your patches as a general rule... OR... to build a "microphone patchbay" from XLR connectors instead of TRS connectors.

I hope this is of some assistance.



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