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Saw a video of the North Korean TV hit show "It's So Funny!" which is performed mainly for the infinite pleasure of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il. I noticed a bevy of very fine, but not so North-Korean recording mics on stage.

My new avatar is a crop of the troupe's star performer (North Korea's Katy Perry) sharing her deeply-felt emotions for the Dear Leader through a... Telefunken U67.

Dominick Costanzo:
U87 or U67?

It seems to have the battery meter slot on the rear of the casing but the connector / stand adaptor looks like the one from a U67.
Tuchel version maybe? Never saw one, Yank that I am.

Thanks to your post and forensically enhanced close up, I am putting an additional bet on it being a Telefunken U67.


1. the swivel mount, which houses the old Tuchel broadcast-type seven-pin connector

2. the dark spot on the rear of the mic's housing tube which I think is not the battery slot (few of them had it during the time U87 were delivered with Tuchels, and it was positioned lower on the mic), but more likely the embossed "Neumann" trademark which was found on all "Telefunken"-badged U67.

P.S.: I sent an email to Berlin to get a definitive answer, but Martin Schneider replied that they did never sell any mics directly to North Korea, as far as he is aware.

Both North Korea and Cuba have "front" companies in Canada that purchase and sell all kinds of things.  I'm sure they have them in other countries as well [and I won't go into details because these transactions are almost on the verge of a violation of US federal laws] but they do exist.

If the North Koreans wanted Neumann microphones all they had to do was buy them... slightly easier to move around than Uranium; they have the money and can get near anything they want [and sell near anything they want as well].


Rick Sutton:
so, how do i go about getting my avatar on here?

And do i have to give the secret handshake everytime i post?


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